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Welcome to Nick’s Blog –

bitrees is a personal blog with focus on lab and work experience with Windows client and server systems, Citrix XenDesktop and PVS, NetScaler, VMware and a lot of other stuff. Join me on my way upgrading and breaking my lab, as well as learning and exploring new products and technologies.



About me

I’m Nick and I just started working as a Citrix & Windows Infrastructure Admin for a MSP after I finished my apprenticeship last summer. I’m 20 years old and a passionate homelabber! I currently own a small freenas whitebox based on a supermicro c2750 board loaded with 32GB of RAM and two Intel 5th gen NUCs with ESXi 6.0U2. Hopefully a third one to come soon! I’ll cover my homelab more in a future post on my blog 🙂

What I love

I love my loyal tibetan terrier Elvis, working out in the gym and having a good time with my friends. Of course I also love technology, which is why I started working in IT.

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